Top 10 Underrated American Patriotic Super Heroes

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4. Mr. America

It takes a lot of guts to fight Nazis with a whip and a magic carpet and looking something like the American version of a bullfighter. Tex Thompson had all kinds of guts, which is why he was able to not get killed doing that as Mr. America. And he was actually from Texas, in case you were wondering.

Recognizing Thompson’s internal fortitude, President Roosevelt asked him to go on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines during World War II and gave him the much more macho code name Americommando. Like other heroes on this list, he was killed in action trying to save a civilian from a burning building.

That might be the end of this entry, except that Geoff Johns actually gave Thompson a legacy successor during his run on Justice Society of America. Jeffrey Graves was inspired to make the seemingly even riskier choice to fight full-fledged super villains with a whip, although Mr. Terrific was at least kind enough to give it an exploding tip. Nobody knew what happened to the magic carpet, I guess. Graves also had lousy taste in partners, as his sidekick All-American Kid ended up stabbing Mr. Terrific.

Of all the patriotic American heroes through the years, Mr. America is one of the least likely to have someone succeed him in the role, so if nothing else, he deserves some credit for that.

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