Every Justice League Member Ever


How well do you know your DC lore?  Do you think you can name every single member of the Justice League since the team’s creation when it was first introduced in March 1960 in The Brave and the Bold #28?  Well, DC Entertainment puts you to the test or, moreso, gives you a quick refresher course on the.  In an amazing new video, the comics publishing giant runs through every single Justice League member — awesome or lame — who has been part of the mythical ensemble of superpowers.

So, how well did you fare?  I have to say that I scored embarrassingly low.  I actually thought I was a hardcore fan, but I barely knew over half the characters that were presented.  The list is pretty impressive and shows that DC likes to spice things up every once and a while to keep things fresh — yep, I’m looking at you Lex Luthor.  Whoever knew that guy would become a Justice Leaguer?

For those who like things the old-fashioned way, they can rest assured that DC has gone back to basics.  In the post-Convergence iteration of the team, the Justice League of America is once again populated with its core members — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg.  But who knows?  Only time will tell if DC shakes things up again.

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