Future Fight: Spider-Man’s Team Bonuses Examined (Lorewise)


Future Fight is a Marvel based mobile game created by Korean company Netmarble. With game-play reminiscent of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance video games, the game features an impressive roster of Marvel characters from the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy. I have been seriously invested in this game, and will start writing about it under the obvious tag: Future Fight. Peep this website for comprehensive guides and introductions to the game.

In the game, players assemble teams of three consisting of any combination of the available heroes and villains to take into battle in missions or arena matches against other teams; certain combinations yield team bonuses, and are usually based on a shared trait or background between the characters involved. I want to take a closer look at Spider-Man’s team bonuses and what relationship he has with his partners, whether it’s a backstory or a personality thing. Let’s start with one of the most popular teams in the game and move down from there:

Journalistic Integrity: This first team has an obvious connection, as shown by the name Journalistic Integrity. Peter Parker’s original job consisted of him taking photos of Spider-Man (himself) for the Daily Bugle. If you recall, J. Jonah Jameson used these photos for his “Spider-Man A Menace” propaganda. Eddie Brock worked alongside Peter as a reporter for the Daily Bugle/Daily Globe, before he took on the persona of Venom. And finally, Carol Danvers worked as a freelance journalist, as well as a magazine editor, showing that she can flex her creative side as well as her hero side. Since Spidey and Venom share another team bonus (shown further below), this team is a very popular and easily farmed team in Future Fight.

sp5 /


Peter is known for slinging out witty quips as well as webs during his battles, and this next team makes sense if you’ve ever seen Spidey, Starlord, or Rocket Raccoon in action; you don’t have to be a comic reader either, for if you watched Amazing Spider-Man or the immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy movies you’d know that these three are a talkative bunch. Whether it’s “Blam! Murdered You,” or “I’m Starlord,” or “It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,” all three of these heroes tend to chat throughout any situation.

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Memories of Civil War:

This particular combination resonates more with the comics and an event rather than a shared trait or quality. Civil War was a battle between two factions: Iron Man and his pro-Registration Act comrades, and Captain America and his anti-Registration Act squad. Peter Parker proved to be an integral player in this story, and served as a symbol for both teams at different points of time. He began as the poster boy of the Registration Act, as mentor and father figure Tony Stark convinced him to reveal his identity to the world and throw in his support for the Super Human Registration Act (SHRA). He soon realized that he was fighting on the wrong side (in his mind) and turned on Tony Stark, eventually kicking hero and villain behind alike alongside Captain America. Either way, they won’t soon forget what happened, and how Peter had to choose between them.

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Enemies of Kingpin:

This one is a bit more obvious as well, as the Kingpin is a common enemy for these three heroes. Hell’s Kitchen is a dangerous place when the Kingpin and his ninja army the Hand are around, and these three have had their hands full trying to keep the streets safe. We don’t need to point out the numerous times that Daredevil has fought his arch nemesis, and they have shared some amazing stories with each other (one which included Daredevil fighting off a bajillion, yes, a bajillion, ninjas). Peter Parker has tussled with him over the years as well, even beating him down savagely in one of my favorite story lines Back in Black. Even fairly recently the three of these heroes/anti-heroes fought with the Hand and the Kingpin to reclaim Hell’s Kitchen. Of course the Punisher barely trusts them and Daredevil thinks Peter talks too much, but they do make a great team nonetheless.

sp6 /

Symbiote Shock:

Here’s a relationship that the game couldn’t ignore. Besides sharing a traditional hero/villain relationship for many years, Peter and Eddie Brock have been rivals from the get go, from rivals as reporters/photographers to rivals as Spider-Man and Venom. If you can’t recall, Peter Parker first picked up the symbiote during the Secret Wars and brought it back to Earth with him after the event. Even though he enjoyed the extra power and agility it provided him, he soon realized its potency for evil and quickly extracted himself from it -only for the symbiote to latch on to Venom. Venom quickly sought Peter with a desire to destroy his former host/foe, and the rest is history.

sp4 /

Cut the Small Talk:

This one is more abstract than the others, well not really, but I’m not sure if these two ever shared a relationship further than what the name of this team implies. As mentioned before in Chatterbox, Peter Parker is a man of many words, and many of these words become jokes. On the complete opposite spectrum of the speaking totem pole, Black Bolt is an Inhuman of very few words… for ever whisper he utters becomes a powerful vocal blast. These two working together would be quite a scene as Peter would constantly talk and Black Bolt would say nary a word, which would probably make Peter nervous and you know how he gets. Black Bolt doesn’t emote once, but maybe Peter would annoy him enough for him to say “cut the small talk!”

sp3 /

Misfortune of Fate:

Peter Parker and Matt Murdock were both victims of fate. A radioactive spider happened to bite Peter, imbuing him with the proportionate strength and speed of a spider. Elsewhere, a vat of radioactive material happened to splash into Daredevil’s eyes and blind him, granting him the power of super senses. Neither of these heroes were born with these powers, or granted them by some magical force or higher being, but gained them through mere chance and fate. Whether this is a misfortune I cannot say, though there have certainly been dire consequences for each of these heroes after they took up the cowl and began to fight crime. It only made sense that these two New York heroes would frequently run into each other, and that Daredevil would become one of the few heroes to find out Spider-Man’s real identity. Plus, they both wear red and swing around in the night.

sp2 /

Since the game receives big updates from time to time, the first being a Guardians of the Galaxy themed expansion and the upcoming patch based on Ant-Man, I’m sure that we’ll see more team bonuses for the wall-crawler. There is a surprise lack of certain team ups that I would think are suitable for the game such as Black Cat and Spider-Man, or Spider-Man and Iron Fist; but my addition would be a team of Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Captain Marvel, as he’s dated both of these femme fatales (though the latter never called him back he claims!). I would call it Parker Luck? as a play on Black Cat’s powers and his bad luck with Carol.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Spider-Man’s team bonuses and my take on their reasoning for the lineups, and stay tuned for some more Future Fight goodness.

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