Ant-Man: First Wave Of Reviews


The review embargo for Ant-Man has been lifted which means we have all the nitty-gritty of what the critics thought about the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film.  If you want to really go in blind and make up your own mind, you can stop reading right here.  Other than that, here we go …

Overall: It’s as positive as can be!

Critics are pegging the film as a fun-filled actioner that doesn’t lack in the areas of emotional depth, gags, and laughter.  Nathan Best of had this to say:

"Is Ant-Man going to be another one of Marvel’s successes? After sitting through both the press screening and the red carpet/premiere I can say “Absolutely!”"

Empire was impressed at how Ant-Man was able to cross many genres:

"A science-fiction, action-heist, superhero comedy soap opera, this straddles as many genres as the Avengers films have characters but manages to do most of them pretty well. Extremely likable, with a few moments of proper wonder."

Scott Mendelson of Forbes enjoyed how Ant-Man is, so far, the “smallest” of Marvel’s endeavors:

"Ant-Man may have been the Marvel movie that was seemingly made because it was already promised seven years ago when the Marvel Cinematic Universe looked much different, but its relative come down in size and purpose represents something of a breath of fresh air in today’s context. It is an important film in the sense that it shows how Marvel can diversify not just in terms of different superheroes and different genres, but also in terms of scale. Ant-Man is their smallest film yet, and I mean that as a compliment."

Alonso Duralde of The Wrap praised Marvel’s departure from formulaic storytelling:

"For a film forged under difficult circumstances (Edgar Wright developed the movie for nearly a decade before leaving the director’s chair just before filming), Ant-Man emerges fairly unscathed. Free of the bloated running time we’ve come to expect from summer movies, it’s a hugely entertaining superhero comedy that’s a refreshing break from Marvel formula."

So there you go.  After months of hearing how it was going to be a disaster due to the leaving of initial director Edgar Wright, Ant-Man was pulled off with aplomb and success.  Make sure to come back to Bam Smack Pow when we have our review of Ant-Man on opening night.

Set to release in the United States on July 17, 2015, Ant-Man will close out Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film is being directed by Peyton Reed, written by Gabriel Ferrari, Andrew Barrer, and Adam McKay, and starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, Corey Stoll as Darren Cross / Yellowjacket, Bobby Cannavale as Paxton, Michael Peña as Luis, Judy Greer as Maggie, Tip “T.I.” Harris as Dave, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, Wood Harris as Gale, Jordi Mollà as Castillo, and Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym / Ant-Man.

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