Spider-Man Unlimited is Going All-New, All-Different!


The world of Spider-Man Unlimited is not immune to the after-effects of Marvel’s Secret Wars™, and the Amazing Spider-Man himself, along with his Spider-Man 2099 counterpart Miguel O’Hara will soon be donning their redesigned suits in the beloved endless runner.

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As the announcement on Marvel.com revealed, the synergy and mutualistic relationship that Gameloft, Marvel, and Marvel publishing shares is really opening up doors for the gaming world, and Spider-Man Unlimited is a perfect example of that. As their relationship grows, we not only get to experience Peter Parker and the Web Warriors stories through a comic medium, but also through our phones in an addictive and striking game.

I once mentioned in my first article that Spider-Island is one of my favorite Spider-Man story arcs; well, fans of the event can rejoice, as the 2011 event is coming to Spider-Man Unlimited this month, and as the people of New York are unwittingly gaining spider-powers, 10 new characters tied to the story arc will be swinging their way into the game, including (a throwback to one of the best moments in Spider-Island) Mary Jane in her first ever mobile game appearance -not counting her manga version which you can win in the current event. Their preview even has a throwback to one of the more popular covers of the event.

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This comes at a perfect time as the Spider-Island Battleworld issues have just been released, and the game’s content will tie in nicely with the comics. Gameloft has also announced a brand new social mode, which they say is the biggest new feature since the game’s release… consider me intrigued and excited! Are you as stoked as I am for the new update? Isn’t that 2099 suit awesome? Well stay tuned for more Spider-Man Unlimited news, as I have something big in the studio for you guys.

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