The Honest Trailer For Arkham Knight


Arkham Knight is out right now, and surely it’s the greatest Batman game of all time, right? Well it is pretty good, but it does have some flaws, as the guys at Honest Trailers are all too happy to point out.

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In The Honest Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s rightfully pointed out that Arkham Knight is arguably the least Batman-like game in the series if not to date. And why are all the citizens evacuated again? I mean I know Scarecrow is threatening to gas all of Gotham, but at this point the citizens of this city would probably just shrug their shoulders and go about their day. I mean, this kind of stuff happens to them on a near weekly basis. Wait, why does anyone still even live in Gotham? Why isn’t Batman’s upgraded suit bullet-proof? And most-importantly, why do you spend so much time in those damn tank sections?

All kidding and complaints aside, I did really enjoy Arkham Knight overall and would recommend it. You can check out my review of it here. Arkham Knight is currently available on Xbox One & PS4 and might be available sometime soon on PC if they ever get those bugs fixed….


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