All we know about All-New, All-Different’s Carnage so far


Carnage is back. That’s all the introduction this article needs. Carnage! Venom’s angrier, deadlier and bloodier offspring is back with its own title. Oh what a time to be alive!

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The first thing to notice is that it’s being written by Spider-Man legend Gerry Conway, the man who infamously killed off Gwen Stacy and the man who is currently killing it with character driven Amazing Spider-Man spin-off ‘Spiral’. This means that we can expect some excellent character driven storytelling involving Carnage and perhaps one or two game-changing moments.

Now, Carnage was temporarily turned good during the Axis event, but subsequently reverted to being flat-out evil, so it stands to reason that the monstrous red symbiote will be a fully fledged villain in this comic, or at least the darkest an anti-hero can get.

The image doesn’t give away who will be Carnage either, currently the symbiote is with its original owner Cletus Kasady and all we see is a picture of the symbiote forming around what appears to be an entrance to a mine shaft. I don’t know enough about Cletus to know whether or not mine shafts have any symbolic significance to his life. Nevertheless I’d imagine it will be Cletus behind the mask.

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