Comic-Con 2015: Bam Smack Pow’s 8 Biggest Hall H Wishes

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More to Fear?

(Write-up by Nick Tylwalk, Bam Smack Pow Editor-in-Chief)

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Let me start by saying that I’m too squeamish to be a regular watcher of The Walking Dead, much as I admire its success. That puts me in the minority, I know, and later this summer, the franchise’s many fans will have even more reason to be excited when Fear the Walking Dead shambles onto AMC.

The spinoff is a big deal, and while its success may be predestined given how insanely popular its older sibling is, it’s also a bit risky. The series is set in a different area and possibly a slightly earlier time than The Walking Dead, and it features characters who aren’t from the comics and were created especially for TV.

On top of all that, Robert Kirkman isn’t at SDCC this year, so the Fear panel needs something for fans to really sink their teeth into. The short teasers have been effective in showcasing a slightly different feeling of dread for the spinoff, but now it’s time to show people the walkers.

Make no mistake, this is a completely different kind of reveal when compared to the other things on our wish list. Fans already know what zombies in this world look like — there’s a pretty gruesome attraction that goes along with both shows over at Petco Park if you need a refresher — so this is more of a follow-through thing. We’ve witnessed how the Fear the Walking Dead characters are unaware of exactly how much danger they’re in and how the world is changed, now let’s see that set-up pay off.

In other words, it’s time for a full trailer, one with some horrific discoveries and perhaps some narrow walker escapes. After all, Hall H can be a showcase for the undead as well as super heroes.

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