Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb comments on Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot


Marc Webb was uncerimoniously dumped from the Spider-Man cinematic universe when Marvel and Sony came to a deal regarding Spidey and the Amazing Spider-Man franchise was subsequently rendered redundant. The director has remained fairly quiet on the subject since then, but inevitably the matter arose during Webb’s ‘Limitless’ television show Comic-Con panel.

Naturally Webb stood by the two Spider-Man films he was able to make, which I personally think do get quite harshly criticised. Here’s what he had to say courtesy of MTV.

"“Those films were my own films,” Webb said. “They were very personal. A lot of people put a lot of effort into them — and Andrew and Emma and I, the producers worked very hard on them… it was a really rewarding experience in many ways.”"

I’ve already mentioned that I enjoyed both of Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films and that is absolutely true, so I’m glad to see that he still feels an emotional resonance towards them despite having a trilogy cut short and basically ‘failing’.

I’m also glad it was a ‘rewarding experience’ despite all of the rumoured studio interference which seems evident from the finished, disjointed Amazing Spider-Man 2 with two many villains, too many tangents and no clear focus. It’s clear from interviews and earlier scripts/cuts that Webb had a much different film in mind!

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