Comic-Con 2015: Green Lantern Corps. Film Announced


Another Hall H wish can be semi-checked off my list now.  At their Hall H panel, Warner Bros. announced that a new Green Lantern film is in the works and will be officially titled Green Lantern Corps.  There was no announcement of who was involved in the film — director or actors.

For weeks we’ve been hearing multiple rumors on who would be the new Green Lantern, and it seems that the multiple protagonist theory panned out today.  As of now, word on the street is that Chris Pine — Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek film franchise — is up for the role of Hal Jordan.  Some fans also want Tyrese Gibson to play the John Stewart incarnation of the character.  I’m wondering if there’s any love for Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner?  Or even Alan Scott — the Golden Age era Green Lantern.

It’s been speculated that a Green Lantern may show up sooner than the Green Lantern Corps.  As DC is now fully invested in a shared universe, that character may appear as soon as the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2015.

As of this report, no release date has been planned or set for Green Lantern Corps.

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