SDCC 2015: What You Didn’t See at the DC Films Panel! (Video)


Sure, DC Entertainment debuted the Batman v Superman trailer yesterday to captive audience in the cavernous Hall H, then promptly posted it on YouTube. A little frustrating for those of us who caped out for 20 hours to get into the panel.

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Thankfully, there were other things shown that morning that very few have seen still, including teases for The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Cyborg and *gasp* Green Lantern Corps! Oh, and let’s not forget The Batman. Each of these were shown in the form of animatics put together with concept art for each of the films. That’s how we saw a Flash with long, dark hair and a suit that closely resembles his costume from Injustice, a Wonder Woman that appears to be a period piece and DC’s workaround reboot of Green Lantern.

More interestingly, however, was the footage from Suicide Squad. In it we get a great feel for the look and tone of the film and how each of the characters will be represented. It’s a dark, gritty piece, saturated by that yellow filter JJ Abrams was so fond of in Mission Impossible III. Amanda Waller is characterized as sharp, manipulative and driven. Harley as whimsical and often detached from reality. They all seem pretty spot on with their source material.

Jared Leto is an inspired Joker, not so much emulating Heath Ledger as much as a young, chaotic and torturous schizoid. The sad thing is that the awful trashiness of his tattooed look is real. I’m hoping it’s simply an ironic affectation and not some misguided statement.

Overall, this film looks remarkably like the visual style and even ensemble that director David Ayer employed in his film Sabotage. That movie is decently shot, but remarkably trashy due to its characters. I hope sincerely that Suicide Squad doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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