Batman v Superman, Friends Style!


Gee guys, Batman & Superman seem awfully mad at each other in Batman v Superman. Can’t they just well, be friends?

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That’s sort of the idea behind this wonderful mash-up of the opening of the hit 90s sitcom Friends and the latest Batman v Superman trailer. Honestly Batman and Superman palling around like hetero life mates Joey & Chandler sounds more fun than a battled of who’s the most tortured superhero of them all. My favorite part of this trailer is that is has that writing style just like the credits in Friends. Check it out below:

Who knows, maybe by the time Justice League rolls around Bats & Supes will be best of buds and getting into all sorts of wacky hijinks together! Also, Lex Luthor totally reminds me of Gunther now. Does he have a weird creepy crush on Lois Lane? I doubt it, but we’ll see for ourselves when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th!


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