Comic-Con 2015: Brett Dalton Still Thinks Ward Can Be Redeemed On Agents Of SHIELD


Is Grant Ward too far gone down the road to villainy that he can’t ever come back? Our Agents of SHIELD writer, Christina Roberts, certainly thinks so, using the #NoWardRedemptionArc hashtag in her articles frequently during Season 2. She might be surprised to hear, then, that the man who plays Ward doesn’t necessarily agree with her.

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Speaking to the assembled media at the Agents of SHIELD/Agent Carter round table session during Comic-Con 2015, Brett Dalton left little doubt about his opinion when asked if Ward could find his way back to the side of the angels at some point — as well as shining a light on his motivations going into Season 3.

“I still think he’s incredibly redeemable, and I think that in Season 3, he feels like he’s the hero of his own story,” Dalton said. “He is the head of Hydra, but he’s not interested in Nazism or world domination. He’s got his own aims.”

While co-star Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May) called Ward “delusional,” Dalton suggested that maybe his character is simply more misunderstood than anything else. Probably best not to mention that to his former teammates or any of the people he’s killed though.

As far as Ward’s version of Hydra, well …

“There’s some new management in town, and we’ve had some PR issues,” Dalton said. “We’re working the kinks out.”

I’m not sure that will convince Christina to change her stance, but that’s the way it goes. Do you think Ward can be forgiven, or has he simply crossed some lines from which he can’t come back? Let us know in the comments section or give us a shout on Twitter.

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