Marvel Announces What If? Infinity, Which Is Exactly What It Sounds Like


I used to love Marvel’s What If? comics when I was a kid. Not only were there a lot of cool and wacky stories explored in that series, but you didn’t have to worry about continuity, and they were always wrapped up in a single issue. This October, Marvel will stay true to that core concept while investigating how a recent event series could have gone differently in What If? Infinity.

Written by Josh Williamson with art by five different partners, What If? Infinity will examine the Builder War from Infinity and ways that it could have diverged from what actually happened in five different one-shots, each with a different character or team focus.

Specifically, the five issues are:

  • What If? Infinity – Thanos #1 by Williamson and Mike Henderson
  • What If? Infinity – Inhumans #1 by Williamson and Riley Rossmo
  • What If? Infinity – Avengers #1 by Williamson and Mike Norton
  • What If? Infinity – Guardians of the Galaxy#1 by Williamson and Jason Copland
  • What If? Infinity – Dark Reign #1 by Williamson and Goran Sudzuka

That last one sounds especially intriguing, and since Marvel’s summary of it mentions Norman Osborn gaining control of the Infinity Gauntlet … well, you just know that’s not going to turn out well. For anyone, probably.

Check out the covers for all of these issues above and below and head over to for an interview with Williamson on this throwback series.

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