SDCC 2015: LEGO Dimensions Event!


I had a chance to dive head first into the LEGO Dimensions exhibit offsite at Comic-Con in person, and it was a delightful event for kids of all ages. Especially if you happen to be my age. I grew up on Back to The Future, Batman, Dr. Who and, of course LEGOs. You wouldn’t believe my squeals of delight when I walked into the room, lit mostly by glowing gaming screens, to this:

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"Doctor Who joins LEGO Dimensions! Step into your TARDIS and help Batman battle villains on in the Land of Oz. Worlds collide in ways only possible in LEGO Dimensions – coming September 27th"

It was a pretty solid event, if shameless. Watching kids dressed as Batman and adults call the same things ‘cool’ makes it all worthwhile.

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