Batman Officially Knows All…


One of Batman’s super powers (besides money) certainly seems to be not only super knowledge, but memory. He often seems to not only know but remember the oddest details (“I think the Mad Hatter is in this abandoned teacup factory on the south side of Gotham that stopped operating 30 years ago due to a measles outbreak”). Now, in the latest issue of Justice League, Batman’s new role in the DC Universe, there is almost nothing that Batman doesn’t know.

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That’s because in issue #42 of Justice League, Batman (not Gordon, the original Batman that supposedly died in a fight with the Joker) & the Justice League essentially hijack Metron, the God Of Knowledge’s chair. By sitting in said chair, Batman gains all the same knowledge that Metron has accumulated. The biggest and most shocking revelation? Batman knows the identity of Joker. We don’t learn who he is, but it seems to absolutely destroy Batman.

No obviously there’s a huge problem here. While Bats & Joker are deadly dance partners for life, before he was Joker, he was nobody. That’s part of his appeal, his past is pretty much a mystery. He was more or less “born” on that fateful night at Axis Chemicals when he fell into that vat. Even the Joker has admitted that’s he’s basically told so many lies so many times he doesn’t really know what his origin is anymore. This seems destined to be a story somewhere down the line, but I’m really hoping it’s a mystery left unsolved.


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