Comic-Con 2015: Our Favorite Announcements And Reveals From SDCC

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What was the best part of Comic-Con 2015? The beauty of the show is that there’s so much going on there across all forms of pop culture that you’d likely get almost as many different answers as people who were in San Diego last week. Even for fans who didn’t get a chance to attend in person, it’s an event worth looking forward to simply for the amazing amount of movie, TV and comic book announcements and reveals that take place over a few short days.

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Even on a relatively small staff the size of the one we have here at Bam Smack Pow, there was no way we were going to come to any kind of consensus. As much fun as that debate would have been in our Slack group, it’s probably better to just let different staffers pick their own individual favorites.

So that’s exactly what we did. Every BSPer got to pick his or her own favorite announcement from Comic-Con 2015, regardless of how big or how small it might have seemed in the grand scheme of things. We got some obvious picks and some that were perhaps less likely to come immediately to mind, making for a nice mix.

That’s as it should be. We’d love to hear what got you most excited about this particular edition of SDCC, so feel free to leave a comment or touch base with us on Twitter and make your own opinion known.

Let’s get to the good stuff!

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