Ant-Man Mid-Credits And Post-Credits Scenes Explained


It’s a staple of Marvel movies (well, a lot of movies nowadays) to have scenes either during the credits or after the credits. Or both. More recent installments of MCU movies have had mid-credits only (Avengers: Age of Ultron) or post-credits (Guardians of the Galaxy…unless you want to count dancing Baby Groot as a mid-credits).

Rumors swirled that Ant-Man would have both, and that they would be huge. The rumors did not lie. You’re all smart enough by now to know not to leave your seats until the credits are over and the house lights have come back on.

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Let’s have a courteous SPOILER WARNING here for those of you who may have clicked on this absentmindedly and have not seen Ant-Man yet. SPOILER WARNING FOR ANT-MAN AND OTHER MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE MOVIES.

Read on at your own discretion.

So let’s start with the mid-credits scene, the lighter of the two.

Marvel’s Ant-Man..Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly)..Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal. Marvel 2014

Hank Pym leads Hope down into his secret lab in his basement. He opens an even more secret room to reveal a brand new kind of suit that he and Janet, his wife, started building back in the day. “She never got a chance to use it,” Pym explains, going on to tell her that he now realizes they were building it for her.

“It’s about damn time,” Hope replies with a smirk.

Easy explanation: Hope becomes the new iteration of the Wasp in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It’s been heavily rumored–and a popular fan-theory–pretty much since Evangeline Lilly was cast as Hope van Dyne. With Captain America: Civil War ready to bring in pretty much every single Marvel character ever, we might be seeing her sooner rather than later. Then again, her character isn’t well-established yet and the new Wasp suit is only mostly built, so who knows?

But it’s the post-credits scene that really packs a punch. And if you’ve kept reading up until now and really don’t want to be spoiled, turn away.


We open on a dank, dimly lit area with a hunched-over figure being approached by two people. It’s Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, who appear to have come to a close on their missing persons case, because the hunched-over figure is Bucky Barnes! Bucky seems to have his metal arm stuck in some sort of vice, which one would guess was done by either Cap or Falcon to make sure he can’t escape. Bucky looks more out of it than he did for most of The Winter Soldier.

The problem is, they need help, and they need to stay under the radar. Cap explains that they can’t ask Stark for help because of “the accords.”

“We’re on our own,” he concludes. Falcon gives him a thoughtful look and disagrees.

“I know a guy,” he replies before the screen fades to black and the text slide appears stating, “Ant-Man will return.”

We already knew Ant-Man was going to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and with the end of Ant-Man alluding to Sam Wilson trying to track down Scott Lang, this just wraps it up in a neat little package.

We also can assume that “the accords” Cap mentions have to do with the Registration Act that’s part of the Civil War storyline. With Tony Stark chumming it up on the government-side of things, he’s not going to be at the beck and call of his cohorts who are opposing what he’s backing.

It’s interesting to see the tie-in for Ant-Man to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And trust me, there’s much more to that end scene with Cap and Falcon than I’ve touched on. It amps up the hype for Civil War, which is a problem because we have ten months to wait until we can see it in its full glory.

Just remember: when you go to see a Marvel movie, don’t leave. Seriously. More than half of my theater left before the first scene even came up! Kudos to those people three rows behind me who legitimately freaked out when the Bucky reveal happened.

If you have any theories to add, leave them in the comments! We’re more than open to nerdy fan speculation–it’s the best kind!

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