The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe

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There are really two great debates between those whose fandom centers around comic books. The first has to do with who would win a fight between Character A and Character B. The second debate typically has to do with which characters are the most powerful.

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Let’s see if we can’t offer a bit of clarity on the latter debate.

However, if we are going to do a list like there, there have to be rules. Obviously, a list like this is largely conjecture, but if you have rules in place, then the list can be justified. So here are the rules for this list.

First off, this isn’t the STRONGEST character in the Marvel Universe. There are dozens and dozens of comparable characters in terms of physical strength, and while it is a fascinating debate that we will look at down the road, that isn’t where this list is about. This is about overall power in the Marvel Universe. That means this list is going to get cosmic in a hurry.

The second rule pertains to artifacts. The Marvel Universe is known for having some seriously powerful items that have popped up over the decades to further storylines and pump up characters. For this list, only one of those artifacts makes the list. That is the Infinity Gauntlet (shocking!), and that is because Thanos is the only character to ever wield it properly. An artifact like the Ultimate Nullifier is immensely powerful, but for the most part can be used by any character.

So with those rules in place, it is time to break down the 10 most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

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