The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe

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2. Beyonder

The entity known as The Beyonder is not to be confused with the race of creature known as the Beyonders. They are a powerful godlike alien race that were able to, as a group, kill the Living Tribunal and the Celestials. However, the being we are talking about here is singular, and nearly all-powerful. The only limit to what he could do was his own interests.

Perhaps the best example of how powerful The Beyonder is was when he battled a full strength Molecule Man. At one point, the Molecule man unleashed enough energy that it, as the Beyonder put it, “should have slagged several billion entire dimensions,” yet the Beyonder shook it off as it were nothing. He was not born of the Marvel multiverse, but possessed the power of an entire separate multiverse within himself.

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