The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe

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9. Amatsu-Mikaboshi

One of the most interesting and obscure names on this list is the Japanese God of Evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi. In terms of terror and sheer destruction, Mikaboshi’s story in the Marvel Universe is unmatched. His powers of dark magic are unparalleled, even among the Kami, and his ability to absorb the matter and powers of anything or anyone he touches makes him nearly unstoppable. He is able to pull the souls from the entire multiverse (by virtue of banishing Mistress Death), and mowed down multiple pantheons, taking all of their power into himself.

At one point in the comics, Mikaboshi had devoured 98 percent of the multiverse and possessed all of its power. Characters like Death, Zeus and even Galactus were just grains of wheat for the scythe that was Mikaboshi. His goal was to create the calm of the void from the time before the multiverse existed, and he was only defeated when he was tricked into a trap that was essentially just that.

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