How Tall Is Your Favorite DC Super Hero? Find Out Here


The DC super heroes have abilities impressive enough to save the world, the universe and all of existence, but without those powers, there’s something they might not be that great at: playing basketball.

That’s because they’re not necessarily super-tall as well as super-powered. The folks at have put together a height comparison chart based on research they say was done by scouring the DC Wikia and other sources. While the correct answer to any question of “How tall is [character X]?” is probably always, “As tall as the artist wants them to be,” this is still a fun piece for discussion and debate.

Note that our theoretical DC basketball team could still have a legit center thanks to Swamp Thing, and that Martian Manhunter would make an undersized but very tough power forward. I wouldn’t want to try going up for rebounds against J’onn!

Robin is the Damien Wayne version, but he’s probably due for a growth spurt at some point since his dad stands 6′ 2″. It’s also fun to point out that the relative heights of the actors in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice don’t match up properly to this at all, as Ben Affleck (6′ 4″) easily looks down at Henry Cavill (6′ 1″).

Ah well, that’s why they have movie magic. Check out the chart for yourself and click on it to see it even larger.

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