Silver St. Cloud Is Coming To Season Two Of Gotham


A new DC character is coming to Gotham and for once it’s not a villain. Actually more of a likely love interest for young Bruce Wayne, Silvia St. Cloud.

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Silver St. Cloud is a socialite who has been an off again on again love interest for Bruce Wayne in the comics. She is not a costumed hero or villain, just an event planner. She is one of a select few who learns Batman’s secret identity, but it’s unlikely that will happen during the run of the show unless Gotham goes way, way longer than anybody realistically thinks it would.

And who is playing Silver St. Cloud? That’s be Natalie Alyn Lind of The Goldbergs fame. I literally have no opinion on this as I’ve seen one episode of The Goldbergs and thought it was just ok and obviously that has little to no bearing on whether Natalie Alyn Lind can pull off a dramatic role. Hopefully she’ll be good in the role. It should be also noted that Silver St. Cloud’s Uncle will be Theo Galvan, the brother of Tigress, and both of those roles have already been cast.

The second season of Gotham starts September 21st on Fox!

h/t ComicBook.Com

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