Supergirl Will Introduce More DC Super Heroes To TV


We already have an Arrow-verse on The CW. Might we get a Supergirl-verse on CBS?

No one is suggesting anything that far-reaching yet, but it’s at least possible since there are plans afoot to use the upcoming series to introduce even more DC super heroes to television. That word came straight from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who explained how the show would have a true DC feel like Arrow and The Flash to Den of Geek at Comic-Con.

"For right now, I don’t think the Arrow-Flash-Legends universe is going to cross with Supergirl. But just like on those shows, we bring in other DC characters and other DC heroes. We have plans to do the same on Supergirl. So, Supergirl won’t feel like just Supergirl. There’s going to be some great, iconic DC Comics characters coming onto that show. And some of them not even necessarily associated with Superman. So, it will be a DC Comics show."

Of course there is a Superman in the world of Supergirl, but all indications are that he will not appear often so as to not overshadow his cousin. As for other heroes, the guess here is that the producers and writers won’t have any characters who already exist in the Arrow-verse show up, just so they can leave their options open when it comes to the question as to whether Supergirl and The CW’s shows exist in the same fictional universe.

The great thing about the DC Comics library is that it’s rich and deep enough that there are still tons of heroes (and villains) that could be brought into play without running out of ideas for years, and even alternate versions of some of the characters we’ve already seen on Arrow and The Flash if they choose to go that route. I’ll have to admit that I’m not completely sold on Supergirl just yet (though I haven’t watched the leaked pilot episode), but revelations like this make me more likely to give it an honest try.

(via Den of Geek)

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