Comic-Con 2015: Nick Blood Discusses More Vulerable Lance Hunter On Agents Of SHIELD


When we first met Lance Hunter during Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD, he was the easiest new character to pigeonhole. He was the merc with a conscience, a lovable rogue with a “she-devil” ex-wife who pretended to be all about the money but would eventually do the right thing.

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Somewhere along the way, he became more than that. Not only did some of his true colors show when his ex was revealed to be Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse — and it became clear he still cared about her — he also showed surprising vulnerability when Bobbi sold him out to assist the shadow SHIELD, confiding in Mack instead of Hunter. By the end of the season, he was arguably the most loyal team member left, and the scenes of him forming an odd couple with Phil Coulson while on the run were priceless.

As Nick Blood explained during round table interview sessions at Comic-Con, it was those late season episodes where we really witnessed his character’s true personality come to the forefront.

“Some of my favorite episodes to shoot were those last two, where you see just like some chinks in the armor,” Blood said. “Everything with Hunter was sort of laid back, and then you see he can be kind of damaged and scared. That was really fun, and it would be nice to see that go on into the third season.”

Co-star Adrianne Palicki, who plays Morse, added that Hunter’s true feelings for Bobbi also showed up in surprising and endearing ways.

“He’s so intense, so reserved and so standoffish as far as using humor to deflect everything,” Palicki said. “And he’s the same way to me, but it’s like a sweet version of that.”

The Marvel TV people briefly considered spinning off Blood and Palicki into their own show but reconsidered and bumped them up to main cast members for Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD. That’s probably for the best considering all of the secondary relationships the characters formed to help strengthen the overall team, and Blood expressed his gratitude for the way that both Hunter and the show in general have been received.

“Doing stuff like Comic-Con, it kind of reminds you of the impact that the show has and how supportive the fans are, and you guys, the press and everything,” he said. “Because you guys really believe in it and support it, which is nice.”

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