First Look at ‘We Are Robin’ #2!


DC is gearing up for some big Robin stories coming this fall with the upcoming Robin War, but it all starts with the groundwork being laid right now. The AV Club has snagged an exclusive first look at We Are Robin #2 by Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes, Jorge Corona, and Khary Randolph.

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To catch up, you can read my review of issue #1 right here.

"When Duke escapes his new pad to continue the search for his parents, he unwittingly finds himself under the subway tunnels of Gotham where a band of refugees and homeless survivors of the Joker Toxin have decided to take arms against the world above. He’s quite literally sniffed out by the growing horde and realizes he has no way out. Just before he’s overtaken and beaten, he’s saved in the nick of time by those who have been following him…a ragtag band of crime fighting kids who call themselves Robin."

"We Are Robin is an intriguing foil to the current Batman status quo, which has the Dark Knight as an officially sanctioned employee of the Gotham City Police Department, and hopefully Bermejo and his art team will explore the dynamic between the lower-class revolutionary Robins and the police’s new superhero in future issues."

Since we’re back on schedule following the conclusion of Comic-Con, we’ll have our own looks and reviews for issue #2 this Wednesday for new comics day!

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