See Stephen Colbert Eat Lunch As Galactus


No worries. You didn’t miss a big Marvel or Fox casting announcement of any kind. Stephen Colbert isn’t playing Galactus in a movie (as far as we know), but he did just dress up like the Devourer of Worlds to kick off a new video to promote his upcoming gig as host of The Late Show.

As you can see in the video below, Colbert begins the clip by taking a selfie wearing Galactus’ unmistakable purple headgear. That managed to make its way to social media, though I don’t recall Galactus ever flashing a grin quite that goofy in any of his comic book appearances.

The video is the beginning of a series Colbert is calling “Stephen Colbert Has Stephen Colbert’s Daily Lunch With You Starring Stephen Colbert.” If you don’t think that’s funny, you probably didn’t like when the TV host took over a Michigan public access show either. And that’s a shame, because that video was hilarious.

As for Colbert’s love for Marvel Comics, it’s pretty well documented by now. Not only did he have various Marvel props (including Captain America’s shield) on the set of The Colbert Report, an artist even turned him into the new Falcon back when Sam Wilson first vacated that identity to become the new Captain America.

It’s a big step up from Falcon to Galactus, but we think Colbert can probably handle it. And if either movie studio ever needs a voice for what will assuredly be a CGI cosmic entity, well, they know where to find him.

(via CBR’s Robot 6)

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