‘Suicide Squad’ Leapfrogs ‘Batman v Superman’ on YouTube


Even though Batman v Superman features DC’s two most iconic characters slugging it out before they realize the error of their ways and form the Justice League, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad trailer has surpassed BvS in views on YouTube.

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Both videos were released within days of each other after their debut at Comic-Con, but Suicide Squad came out afterward giving the other one more time to get views and it STILL is beating the pants off of it. Why would that be?

Well, it’s likely that audiences are more interested in what they haven’t seen before. Batman v Superman was all the rage a year ago at the con, giving us a sneak peek at the first footage from the film. This time around we’ve seen a bit of it already, so the ‘wow’ factor may have faded. We’d yet to see much of anything from Suicide Squad, so it was highly anticipated.

Add that to the fact that everyone was curious about Jared Leto’s Joker and fan favorite Harley Quinn. We amazingly got looks at both.

Since Batman v Superman comes out before Squad, I imagine these trends will reverse, even if temporarily. The hype will shift as next year’ movie cycle boots up again.

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