Agents Of SHIELD: Chloe Bennet Teases Daisy Johnson Haircut


If you’ve been watching Agents of SHIELD during its first two seasons, you know that Skye is actually the Inhuman named Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake. In the comics, Daisy has always had short hair, like this:

Actress Chloe Bennet, who plays Skye/Daisy, has rocked some fairly long locks on the series so far. But it looks like she’s taking the transformation into Daisy Johnson seriously, because she released an Instagram video telling fans they should say goodbye to a bunch of her hair.

That’s some admirable dedication to your craft. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t bother us to have a long-haired Daisy, but we do enjoy efforts to strive for comic book accuracy, so we applaud this move overall.

Hopefully the new look doesn’t freak out her teammates too much while they are hunting down other Secret Warriors.

Agents of SHIELD returns for Season 3 on ABC on September 29.

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