White Canary To Take Flight On Arrow Before She Joins Legends Of Tomorrow


When Sara Lance comes back from the dead as White Canary, she’ll do it among some familiar faces first before getting thrown into the mix on Legends of Tomorrow.

E! News caught up with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who not only confirmed that Sara’s return would happen on that show, he also gave some serious hints about how early in the season it would take place.

"The White Canary will be launched in the first few episodes of Arrow. 4×08, our typical crossover episode, will be doing a lot of heavy-lifting in terms of getting the Legends of Tomorrow characters set up and also seeing where they are with relation to The Flash. It’s a big episode."

The DC TV folks have already been pretty open about the role the Lazarus Pit will play in Sara’s resurrection, and because that’s a staple on Arrow, it only makes sense that we’d see it used there. On top of that, Caity Lotz has previously mentioned that it might not be a completely happy reunion between her character and sister Laurel Lance, so it’s quite possible she wasn’t speaking hypothetically, but rather with some broad knowledge about them encountering each other this season. It just might not be that good for Quentin Lance to see his daughter alive after struggling so much to come to terms with her death …

We’ll see how all of these pieces fit together in just a few months. Arrow returns to The CW lineup on Wednesday, October 8, while Legends of Tomorrow is expected to debut in early 2016.

(via E! Online by way of Comics Alliance)

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