Arrow: Jimmy Akingbola Cast As Baron Blitzkrieg


Via The Hollywood Reporter, we have news of another addition to the Arrow cast for Season 4.  However, it’s bad news for Team Arrow and Ollie, as this person will be a villain in the form of Baron Reiter, a.k.a. Baron Blitzkrieg, who will be played by British actor Jimmy Akingbola.  Yeah, you can never have too many baddies.  After all, we have to make Oliver Queen earn his Green Arrow moniker.

Jimmy Akingbola started his career on the stage at Birmingham Repertory Theatre where he was in The Nativity.  After appearing in multiple productions, Akingbola moved into the realm of television and appeared on the BBC series The Crouches playing the role of Dennis Dutton.  He later had roles in Stupid!, The Bill, The Royal, The South Bank Show, Roger Roger, Holby City, Doctors, New Tricks, Comedy Lab, Longford, and Holby Blue.  In 2010 he starred in BBC2’s Rev. where he played Mick.  This role earned him a nomination for Best TV Comedy Performance at the Black International Film Festival and Music Video & Screen Awards.

In his feature film work, Akingbola appeared in Anansi (2002) and The Car (2005).  He later played the lead role in The Dimples Cry (2010), starred in Hominid (2010), and was featured in Habibti (2010).

Created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck, the character of Baron Blitzkrieg made his first appearance in World’s Finest Comics #246 (August – September 1977).  The Baron started off as a cruel Nazi-era German soldier who was blinded and disfigured after having acid thrown in his face by a concentration camp prisoner.  Nazi scientists were able to restore the Baron’s sight, but not his original visage.  They later experimented on him which resulted in the Baron gaining superhuman strength, invulnerability, optical energy, and the ability to fly.

Baron Blitzkrieg also leads his own team, Shadowspire, which is allied with Symbolix — Vandal Savage’s team.  Both the Baron and Savage perform experiments which lead to the creation of the superhero Damage.  When Damage gained his own comic series, the Baron becomes a recurring foe.

It’ll be interesting to see if Baron Blitzkrieg will lead to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow since he was a partner of Vandal Savage, and Savage is the main villain in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which is in the Arrow-verse.

As of this report, it’s unknown which Season 4 episode of Arrow will have the first appearance of Baron Blitzkrieg.

Season 4 of The CW’s Arrow will premiere on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 8PM EST.

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