Arkham Knight’s Bizarre Japanese Ad


Japanese Ads are very different from American ones, this is pretty well known. This is true even when it comes to advertising Western video games for Japanese markets. And this is no different in this ad for Arkham Knight.

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In this Japanese ad for Arkham Knight, if you don’t understand Japanese (and I certainly do not) it’s very hard to tell what exactly is being said, but the gist of the ad is that one of these guys is just a little too into Arkham Knight. The guy is wearing a full on Batman suit (minus the cowl for some reason though) and has a Batman figure in his utility belt, so maybe they have a point. Check out the ad below:

Arkham Knight is a pretty successful game in Japan and of course is out here now on PS4 & Xbox One along with it’s first piece of major DLC featuring Batgirl. Check out our review of the game & the DLC!

h/t Kotaku

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