Sorry Guys, Nightwing Is NOT Coming To Arrow


It’s fair to say that the hit CW show Arrow borrows pretty liberally from Batman. Villains especially, even having 90s Batman villain Anarky showing up at some point in the coming season. But IMDB’s page for the season 4 premiere of Arrow lists some highly unlikely appearances, including one of Batman’s longtime allies/sidekicks.

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Simply put the IMDB page for the upcoming season premiere of Arrow lists former Robin Nightwing as appearing. It also lists Hal Jordan Green Lantern and Ethan Hawke (as himself?). While there’s a decent chance Nightwing won’t be used in the DC cinematic universe, the higher ups have been notoriously against using any one on Arrow that might ever be used in anything not connected to a CW show, so don’t count on him, Robin, Batgirl or anyone else in the Bat-Family (Katana might sort of count, but barely) ever showing up on Arrow.

If that wasn’t enough, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim said these listings are absolutely not true. So those hopes and dreams of a long awaited Oliver Queen, Dick Grayson & Ethan Hawke super-team up are dashed! The fourth season of Arrow will premiere October 7th on the CW network.


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