Hugh Jackman Shows New Wolverine Image


Actor Hugh Jackman surprised his Twitter followers today by tweeting out a new Wolverine image.  Making the message more interactive, Jackman also asked followers what they wanted to see in his final movie, promising that he’ll read as many suggestions as he can.

Hugh Jackman has publicly announced that the 2017 sequel to The Wolverine (2013) will be the last time he’ll be putting on the claws.  However, before that film happens, fans can still catch Jackman as the beloved Marvel character in the upcoming 2016 blockbuster X-Men: Apocalypse.

For over fifteen years, the actor has embodied the Adamantium-clawed superhero.  X-Men (2000) was Jackman’s first foray into the role.  As the franchise went on, the Australian thespian became more and more comfortable with playing the character.  He soon became a fan-favorite with audiences wanting him to never leave the role of Wolverine.  People growing up watching the X-Men franchise see Jackman as being synonymous with Logan, much like how the late Christopher Reeve will forever be viewed as the iconic Superman.

X-Men: Apocalypse has a planned release date of May 27, 2016 and will be directed by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris, and Michael Dougherty, and will star James McAvoy as Charles Xavier / Professor X, Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellan as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkhölme, Nicholas Hout as Hank McCoy / Beast, Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver, Oscar Isaac as En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse, Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Munroe / Storm, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers / Cyclops, Rose Burne as Moira MacTaggert, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler, Lana Condor as Jubilation Lee, Ben Hardy as Warren Worthington III / Angel, Olivia Munn as Betsy Braddock / Psylocke, and Lucas Till as Alex Summers / Havok.

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