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Jimmy Olsen ‘Batman v Superman’ Reveal??


OK, so, many months ago this image of Argo actor Scoot McNairy leaked out of Batman v Superman filming.

Suddenly all the fanboys on the internet started claiming that this was evidence that McNairy would be playing The Flash. Because…you know…his lags could be all blurry.

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Does that make sense to you? Me neither. I proposed that it’s more likely he was Jimmy Olsen and that the character had been injured in Superman’s fight with Zod in Man of Steel.

"Who the heck is that supposed to be? since his legs will be added digitally later, it makes one speculate wildly. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s possibly some white collar character, like a lawyer, who was injured by Zod’s rampage in Man of Steel. But who knows? He could be Metallo for all we know at this point."

Then, IMDB listed the actor as Metallo in the official BvS page.

Well, now it looks like we were right, as Scoot has been spotted in the Senate hearing scene in the SDCC Batman v Superman trailer.

Image: Heroic Hollywood

Looks like evidence is mounting in the case. Olsen appears to have been injured but saved in the battle scene and now is testifying in defense of the Big Blue Boy Scout.

Why would we assume that he’d back Superman up in this case? Especially after being injured so badly? Well, he IS Superman’s pal, after all.

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