Musical Tribute to ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’!


Despite the hiccups, disasters, and disappointments, Batman: Arkham Knight has remained a pretty popular game It’s the big finale to a beloved series that redefined Batman video games for a long time to come. The popularity isn’t lost on musician Gavin Dunne, who has crafted a musical tribute to the gigantic game under the stage name Miracle of Sound.

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Check it out:

Dunne has released


songs before with the

Arkham City


Joker’s Song

form 2013…


Mind of the Bat

, inspired by

Arkham Asylum

in 2012.

You can check out the 5 albums he’s released in Bandcamp, plus his metal work on his YouTube page.

He’s obviously a fan, so he deserves at least a listen if you love the Arkham games.

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