Fear The Walking Dead: New Trailer Shows L.A. On Fire


You know the famous, “Houston, we have a problem,” misquote from the Apollo 13 mission (it was actually said in the past tense for all you grammar sticklers out there)? Replace Houston with Los Angeles and you’ve pretty much got the idea of the new Fear the Walking Dead trailer released this weekend by AMC.

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Thanks to the combined magic of time-lapse photography and special effects, what you see is L.A. slowly losing power, then burning as fires break out in various places. It’s kind of chilling to see the only lights coming from those fires and police helicopters buzzing overhead, and like most of the video spots put together for The Walking Dead‘s spinoff series, it manages to set the tone without showing off any zombies.

Toward the end, the camera tilts and pulls back to show the word “Fear” spelled out in fire. The final shot shows the city emerging from the night with smoke still billowing from different locations. And as we know, it’s not really a respite from the real trouble, which is no doubt just beginning.

We won’t have to wait long to see how the people of L.A. deal with their own walker-related misery, as Fear the Walking Dead makes its debut on AMC  on Sunday, August 23 at 9 pm.

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