Renee Montoya Not In Season Two Of Gotham?


Renee Montoya & her partner Crispus Allen were a big part of the first half of the first season of Gotham, convinced Gordon was a crooked cop then becoming one of the few trusted allies he had when they found out the truth. But they disappeared from the latter half of the season entirely. Well, Gotham has a pretty large cast and it’s only getting larger with lots of new series regulars & additions to the cast for season two. Is there even room for Renee Montoya & Crispus Allen?

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Possibly not, as both Victoria Cartagena & Andrew Stewart Jones, who play Montoya & Allen respectively, will not be returning as series regulars for season two of Gotham according to TV Line. This doesn’t mean there is no chance we will see Montoya or Allen in season two, but it would be in a pretty limited capacity. Seems like a shame, with the “rise of the villains” being the theme of the upcoming season, Gordon is going to need all the allies he can get. Season two of Gotham premiers on Fox September 21st.

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