ComicConBox To Include Reprint Of 1st Comic Book Appearance Of Harley Quinn


Most comic book fans know about the effects that subscription boxes can have on sales of individual issues. The “Loot Crate Effect” has rocketed more than one comic toward the top of the monthly sales charts, but those have all been brand new comics. ComicConBox is poised to put a whole new twist on this concept by offering a special variant of a comic that is more than 20 years old — but one that has special significance nonetheless.

The issue in question is The Batman Adventures #12, first published in 1993. It’s notable as the first print appearance of Harley Quinn, a character originally created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm the previous year for Batman: The Animated Series. While The Batman Adventures wasn’t set in normal DC Comics continuity — Harley would have to wait until 1999 to get her proper introduction to the standard DC multiverse — it’s still that title that holds the distinction of presenting her first official comic book appearance.

And since timing is everything, the timing here couldn’t be better, as Harley Quinn is set to play a significant role in the Suicide Squad movie due next year (where she’ll be played by Margot Robbie). Wizard World says that The Batman Adventures #12 – Batgirl: Day One variant, with art by Rick Burchett will be available in limited quantities and will never be reprinted after it is offered in this month’s ComicConBox.

The variant also fits the service’s “Back to Old School” theme it is touting for its fifth box, which will also include other DC Comics products. ComicConBox costs $29.99 plus shipping with no ongoing commitment, and you can find more info and ordering details at

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