Amalgam Comics: 5 Marvel And DC Comic Characters Merged

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Captain America + Superman = Super Soldier

Powers/Skill Set

  • Super-strength
  • Super-speed
  • Flight
  • Heat vision
  • Protective shield

The boy scouts of Marvel and DC merge to make one awesome, alien, super soldier! Clark Kent’s back story is a little cloudy in Amalgam, as the story wasn’t well thought out or well received.  The synopsis does not seem all that interesting since the only things added to the character are heat vision and flight. With all that, the character uses a shield. I don’t get it …


"During World War II, government scientists developed a “Super-Soldier formula” based on experiments with cellular samples from an alien corpse. They administer the formula, as well as solar radiation, to a young man named Clark Kent. The mixture of the formula and the radiation give Kent incredible powers and abilities, including super-strength, heat vision, and flight. Reporter Jimmy Olsen, who sneaks into the Super-Soldier program laboratory, makes a deal with the government: he will not tell the world about the project if the government makes him the “official press flak” for the Super-Soldier. Eventually he was frozen, and then unfrozen in the modern era. He has been a member of the Judgment League Avengers."

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