‘Batman v Superman/Deadpool’ Trailer Mashup!


As a long time comic reader, especially in the 80’s and 90’s, I have mixed feelings about Deadpool. He was yet another ‘extreme’ character invented by the man who epitomizes everything that went wrong with the industry in the 90’s – Rob Liefeld. He was so bad, in fact, that Marvel embraced his terrible-ness and converted him into a parody character. That concept got pushed to its logical conclusion as time went on and he became the ULTIMATE parody, breaking the 4th Wall and becoming self aware of his status as a fictional comic book character.

That part I like.

The problem I have is with the fans of his days as a 2-dimensional, gun toting waste of newsprint and those who don’t understand the complex commentary he represents, only reading his books because he often says snarky comments and shoots things. Hopefully the Deadpool movie that’s been getting buzz recently with the release of its new trailer executes the potential of the character.

In the true spirit of Deadpool’s self aware concept someone has cleverly mashed up elements of that film’s trailer with that of the SDCC Batman v Superman footage.

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"The beginning of a happy ending meets the dawn of justice!Created by CineMash!"

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