Disneyland To Get Marvel, Star Wars Expansions?


Just about everyone knows that Disney owns Marvel. Almost all of those same people know that the reason Disney didn’t immediately start building Marvel-themed attractions at Walt Disney World has to do with a contractual agreement Marvel has with Universal Studios to use most of its characters in Florida that dates back to before its acquisition by Disney. Disneyland is a different story since it’s located in California, which is why rumors have been swirling that it might be getting Marvel and Star Wars infusions over the next few years.

The latest wave of speculation follows reports that Disney has quietly purchased 14.7 acres of land (currently housing a hotel and two office buildings) located more or less adjacent to Disney’s California Adventure. The official company line is that the land was needed to beef up the resort’s infrastructure and that any new attractions it might be planning will go inside the parks’ current boundaries. However, theme park industry experts believe that’s simply a fancy way of saying that it can clear some existing things out of the current layout by moving them to the new land, paving the way for …

Well, we don’t know yet, but here’s the money quote given by Todd Regan of MiceChat.com to the L.A. Times:

"It’s really a no-brainer that Star Wars will take over at Disneyland and Marvel will probably go into Disney California Adventure."

If true, that could give a huge boost in attendance to Disneyland, and possibly even give East Coasters like yours truly a reason to make the journey to Anaheim to visit Disneyland. It’s also completely logical for Disney to use Marvel and Star Wars as a one-two punch just like its done in Disney Infinity and some of its other ventures.

In Florida, Disney will undoubtedly find ways to keep tip-toeing around its restrictions whenever it has a chance, but a full-fledged Marvel land in Disneyland would be a must-visit for comic fans. Imagineers, I hope you’re cooking up something great and super hero-related even as I type this.

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