Fantastic Four: Director Josh Trank Says His Version Of Film Would Receive “Great Reviews”


The Fantastic Four reboot is turning into a spectacle for all the wrong reasons. First the reviews were bad. Now the film’s own director is insinuating that the version we’re seeing in theaters isn’t even true to his vision.

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Josh Trank, already on the outs with 20th Century Fox after he clashed with the studio over the making of Fantastic Four — and maybe Disney, too, after he either walked away from or was asked to leave a planned Star Wars spinoff (depending on who you believe) — appears to be ready to napalm any bridges he still has left with it. Here’s what the director tweeted concerning the critical response to the film:

While this writer is no fan of Trank’s work and is skeptical of his claims, it’s possible he could be right. Multiple news outlets reported on re-shoots that were done late in the production process and the fact that Stephen Rivkin was asked to help edit the film over Trank’s choice of Elliot Greenberg.

So it’s at least fair to say the finished product likely isn’t the way Trank intended it to be. His version could have been better or worse, but it’s almost literally impossible for it to be worse received by the critics. In that sense, it’s hard to argue with Trank. But I am sad we’re even having this discussion.

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