X-Men Live-Action TV Show Close To Happening On Fox


There’s no reason to think that Fox won’t continue to push ahead with more X-Men movies after the release of X-Men: Apocalypse next year, but there’s an increasingly good chance we might be seeing some mutant heroics on our TV screens as well.

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Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden told Entertainment Weekly today that her network is close to a deal that would see a live-action series with characters from the X-Men franchise on Fox.

“We’re in negotiations with Marvel, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to announce something soon,” Walden said to EW. “We’re not closed on a deal yet, but it’s something we’re definitely pursuing.”

Any such agreement has to go through Marvel because Fox owns only the movie rights to the X-Men, though one assumes a deal could be reached on terms that Marvel feels are more favorable than the one it agreed to for the X-Men and Fantastic Four many years prior to its acquisition by Disney. No characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be involved — sorry, crossover fans!

It’s also been speculated that perhaps the series might not even be a straight up X-Men show but one of the other mutant team brands like X-Force or X-Factor. Regardless of the direction Fox chooses to take, it’s yet another sign that the networks see continued value in super hero properties, and an exciting proposition for X-Men fans who fondly remember the days that team took a backseat to no one, including the Avengers.

It would also put Batman and the X-Men together on the same network, and who would have thought we’d ever see that?

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