‘Batman v Superman’ Screening Gets Standing Ovation?


It isn’t due out until March, but the scuttlebutt is that the WB brass is already seriously impressed with Batman v Superman.

Rumor has it that the first cut of the film was recently screened for the executives and it was received quite well. In fact, they supposedly responded with a standing ovation at the movie’s conclusion. One website quoted an ‘industry source’ who supposedly had insight into the event.

"According to an industry source who will remain anonymous, a cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was screened for the film’s crew and Warner bosses within the past 24 hours or so. “It’s a near finished cut but not locked,” our source tells us.That screening was, we’re told, a glowing success – to the point where Zack Snyder’s movie received a “standing ovation”."

Pretty high praise, to be sure, but consider that the rumor concerns the men who paid for film and desperately want it to succeed. They could very easily just be saying this to generate a positive buzz leading up to the BvS release. Word on the street is that poor reviews of the Fantastic Four reboot caused that movie to only pull in a paltry $25 million this weekend, nearly half of its projected numbers. After the mediocre reviews of Man of Steel, WB would like to avoid that kind of press.

The other possibility is that Chris Terrio’s rewrite of the script actually turned out to be what they hoped for when Affleck helped bring him on board. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

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