Ben Affleck May Be Batman For a While


There were a lot of mixed feelings when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman for the new, unified DC Film Universe. Quite a few critics had a hard time separating Affleck from the early Marvel movie dumpster fire that was Daredevil (actually, the director’s cut isn’t all that awful). Not to mention the dozen other terrible films he got himself mired in.

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But, no matter what we may think of Batfleck right now, the WB powers that be seem impressed enough with what they’ve seen from your new cinematic Bruce Wayne that they just may tie him to the role like The Riddler tying Robin to a giant buzz saw, or what have you. Rumors or flying now that the studio is offering the actor a ‘golden deal’ that could keep him in the Batsuit for 3 solo movies plus special crossovers like Suicide Squad and Justice League, according to one source.

"Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman."

Not a bad idea from their standpoint considering Batman has been DC’s biggest film cash cow since, like, the 1940’s. Even with the lull between the studio trying to distance themselves from Batman ’66 and Time Burton’s Batman ’89, he’s remained their most popular and iconic onscreen character. More so, even, than Superman.

Affleck is scheduled to write, direct and star in the first Batman solo film, The Batman, in 2018.

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