The Flash To Show Off New Power In Season 2, Episode 2


Cool tidbits from Comic-Con are still leaking out weeks after the event. Case in point: the Q&A video released today by The CW with six cast members from The Flash, which you can see below.

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Even though the video is nearly two minutes long, it’s not all that revealing. Candice Patton (Iris West) says to watch for new faces in the season premiere — one of whom should be Jay Garrick — and everyone discusses the big change to the Flash’s costume, which is getting the white background to his lightning bolt logo that everyone knows from DC Comics.

But perhaps the most interesting snippet is when the moderator mentions the fact that the Flash will show off a cool new power in episode 2 of Season 2, something that is confirmed by Barry Allen himself, Grant Gustin.

What could that be? Well, we’ve already seen the Flash pull off many of his most famous power stunts, including running fast enough to snuff out tornadoes, scale walls and travel on the surface of water without sinking. He’s broken the time barrier and learned hos to use his vibrations to shatter locks.

So as a longtime Flash fan, my guess is that Jay teaches Barry to master the art of vibration even more so that he can pass through solid objects. As you can see here, it’s a trick the comic book Barry has been pulling off since the Silver Age:

As a backup guess, I’ll say it’s possible Barry learns to lend speed to other objects or people a la the Wally West Flash, but that seems less likely. Either way, it should be cool watching the Flash continue to expand his repertoire of super-speed feats.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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