Recap: Arrow’s Stephen Amell On Raw, Sets Up Match At SummerSlam


It took until the show’s final hour, but Arrow leading man Stephen Amell did indeed show up on the episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that originated from Everett, Washington.

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Though he was pointed out briefly in the first half of the show sitting in the front row, The Miz was the first person to actually point Amell out at the start of his Miz TV segment. The obnoxious wrestler, whose gimmick is that he’s a big time Hollywood actor, told Amell that after Stardust ran right through him, he should call the Miz to be repackaged and taught how to act. Amell didn’t get a chance to respond, except with a smirk.

They showed him again while introducing a video of Neville, the wrestler who nearly won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last week and also is the subject of a one-sided beef with Stardust —meaning Stardust has been harrassing him, but I don’t recall Neville doing the same in return. The camera cut to Amell, wearing his usual backward baseball cap and smiling while standing near his ringside seat.

Our pateience was rewarded though, because Amell finally got in on the action himself. After Neville defeated King Barrett in a quick match (Neville’s finshing move is called the Red Arrow, by the way), Stardust came running in to assault him after the bell. He then turned his attention to Amell, confronting him over by his seat and shoving him hard in the face.

Bad move. After Amell picked himself up, he leapt over the top rope into the ring and took Stardust down with a tackle. A series of forearm shots followed, but security came in promptly to break up the brawl.

The lesson, as always: don’t mess with Oliver Queen. Or even the man who plays Oliver Queen, apparently.

Triple H gave Amell a dressing down after the commercial break, but the actor responded by asking The Game to let him and Neville take on Barrett and Stardust at SummerSlam. After Amell implored Triple H to make the match, claiming he’d sign any legal waiver to make it happen, the WWE COO reluctantly agreed.

“Don’t bring a stunt man,” he said. Looks like we’ll see the Red Arrow and Green Arrow in action again before the summer ends.

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