Some Final Thoughts On The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two

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9. Iron Man 3

This might be a shocker to most and contrary to popular opinion, but Iron Man 2 was probably my favorite MCU film to date (of course the whole Black Widow incorporation into the film plays along). Iron Man 3 was a good film, but definitely the weakest installment of Marvel’s Phase Two.

I think this was because in both the previous Iron Man films and The Avengers, we have a good balance of scenes with Iron Man kicking ass and Tony Stark being his usual wise-cracking self. In Iron Man 3, the whole film was a big Tony Stark movie, and while I understand now with the announcement of Captain America: Civil War why the film needed to happen to evolve Tony as a person into someone different, that didn’t make for the most thrilling experience. There was more on-screen Tony than Iron Man, and the film was very slow moving.

I understood that this was a turning point, but I thought some of it was a little too dark and gloomy at moments for an Iron Man or even a Tony Stark movie. The parts in this film were also a bit more dryly written than the other two films. Once again, not bashing the film as I still enjoyed it, but it is very far from the greatest.

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