Uh Oh. Does Jared Leto Pull a ‘Killing Joke’?


We’ve recently discussed the idea that Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is widely considered one of the most iconic Batman and Joker tales ever published. Now that there’s speculation afoot about Barbra Gordon being in Batman v Superman and we’ve already been tipped off to the film’s inclusion of the Death in the Family story arc, we begin to wonder if it’s possible that Killing Joke will make an appearance in the film as well.

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I’m not sure that this is anywhere near conclusive, but check out what Jared Leto posted online recently.

That looks pretty familiar. The strange thing is that I’m not sure there’s any more shooting being done on either that film or Suicide Squad at this point. If that outfit is from a DC film, it has to be something he kept from before. I would personally love to see The Killing Joke version of the Joker onscreen like that, but we can assume every photo posts is a Joker reference. Though, this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten this from him…

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